Rehab Service

Short / Long-term Disability

Vocational Counseling
transferable skills analysis, labor market surveys, job placement

Vocational Testing
appropriate interest and aptitude testing to assess claimant’s abilities and strengths

Resume Preparation
assistance in the presentation of experience and transferable skills

Job Coaching
overview of skill areas necessary to conduct self guided job searching including interview techniques

Job Modification
analysis of work site needs to facilitate return to work

Job/Job Site Analysis
to accompany IME

Medical Assessments
ADL assessments and announced/unannounced home visits

Life Care Planning
certified LCP

Medical Record Review
audit activity, relatedness, summary of catastrophic care

Independent Medical Exams
credentialed, board certified examiners

Peer/Medical Record Reviews
coverage denials, treating physician interviews, rapid turn around time for compliance

Expert Testimony



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